Rahul Ashok diventorMy name is Rahul Ashok. A content marketer who worked with 50+ blogs on various niches since 2012.

Although I have entered into this field to make passive income, the experience I gained while dealing with 7 clients and their 50+ websites/ blogs in the past 5 years improved my writing skills to a greater extent.

Also, I wanted to do my own business instead of working under someone; for initiating their business potential.

From my personal experience, effective content builds targeted audience to take informed actions that result in generating demonstrable value to businesses and organizations.

Content marketing not only helped me in achieving the financial success, however, it also opened new ways to network with people globally.

It requires a lot of patience and efforts to make a full-time online career. Apart from working as a content marketer, I have co-founded diventor, a digital marketing agency providing web design, search engine optimization, mobile application development, application store optimization and paid advertising services.

If you’re thinking of adopting freelance content marketing as a career option, I would recommend you to:

“Learn how to market yourself. Offer the best. New opportunities would follow you”

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