When things started to change with technology, people acknowledged the fact that life can be made simpler. And the following speaks it out:

Leave 5-9 job. Make money online. Enjoy your freedom.

The idea is to work from anywhere you want and make the money by following the laptop lifestyle.

Is it possible?


Is it easy?

That depends on you!

Being a content marketer myself, I have been receiving inquiries from people asking how to make money online. The majority of such inquiries are connected to blogging and freelance content writing. But most of them don’t know from where and how to start.

Well, let me say this clearly.

The blogging industry is changing every day. There were days when you can simply rank a website by updating contents consistently. Now, the game has changed. SEO is a crucial factor in ranking a website. Unless you have a good quantity of visitors coming to your blog, there is no point in thinking about monetizing it.

For many, this journey turns out to be extremely effective, but for a lot of us, earning a livable income from affiliate advertising, Google AdSense or selling your product is demanding.

Don’t expect anything in return from your blog during the first 12 months. Keep working on delivering valuable content and market your blog through various channels.

So, what can you do until that time to make money?

As a blogger, you are likely to enjoy writing, a fast way to make some money and build a booming business is by working as a freelance blogger.

It means you can get paid to write for different blogs under the ownership of various established bloggers.

There are lots of businesses out there that need content writers, blog writers, copywriters — you name it — to assist with lead generation and traffic development.

The remarkable advantage of freelance blogging is you don’t need to wait 6 months to get paid; you can often earn your first payout in as little as a couple weeks.

I’ve been freelance blogging for more than 3 years now. For every business, landing clients are the primary factor to make the things work out. After following certain methods on landing clients, I have found the exact channels to set deals with them.

Effective Ways to Land Clients for Freelance Writing Projects

Freelance Website Content Writer

What you will need is a passion for writing, for knowing how to write for an internet audience, the motivation to learn and the determination to go out there and begin freelancing as a business option.

Here’s the way to get started:

#1. Join Job Boards

work from home writing jobs for beginners

Among the simplest approaches to find clients for freelance writing as a beginner, I would strongly recommend you to try job boards. There are two sorts of boards — free and paid.

Free job boards are generally free for bloggers and freelance writers (or anyone really) to browse, but they often charge a fee to place a job ad. I recommend you to try out ProBlogger initially as they already have enough updates on a regular basis for freelance bloggers.

While free job boards can be competitive because every blogger and freelance writer knows of them, but you can still land your clients if your pitch is good.

Ensure that:

  • You create an impact on them through your pitch email including your expertise in the field of writing and how you can help them.
  • Did your research about the business or blogger posting the ad. This indicates you visited their website, read their content and became familiar with their brand.

#2. Social Networking

online content writing jobs from home

When you’ve got an active social networking presence and network with influencers and other bloggers in your industry, you ought to have an easier time to the potential clients for your freelance writing business.

I prefer LinkedIn and Twitter to get in touch with the people who’re looking for freelance bloggers.

#3. Warm Outreach

writing jobs from home without investment

Network and get on the radar of influencers and other bloggers to construct meaningful connections.

Here’s a four-step approach about the best way best to connect with a prospective client with the intent of landing a freelance blogging deal.

  • Comment Consistently

When there’s a blog that you wish to write for — and that hires writers — start leaving engaging comments. Ensure that your comment adds to the conversation. You are able to respond to the CTA or increase the post by adding your thoughts or providing additional tips.

Fantastic blog owners make the effort to read their comments and respond to as many as they can as a means to develop a relationship with their readers.

So, to actually make an impact, provide thoughtful comments that are related to the post and comment consistently to get noticed.

  • Follow them

Blog owners and prospects don’t hang out on their blog all the time; they are often found networking and engaging in social networking spots.

As part of your warm outreach approach, start following bloggers that you would like to work with on Twitter and Facebook. They should have a Pinterest, Google+ or LinkedIn profile. Go straight and connect with them on those platforms too.

Influencers, entrepreneurs, and other popular bloggers may be selective in who they follow. However, if your outreach efforts are evident, they may follow you back.

  • Active Blogger Tag

The prospects that you would like to connect with probably don’t understand who you are. So, at this time, begin to share posts from their blog.

This is good for you since your name and the picture shows up, creating a stronger connection between you two.

Begin a conversation by also replying to Tweets, Facebook or Google+ posts. Show the prospect your knowledge in your specialty and your easy-to-get-along-with personality.

Finally, one more effective way is to link to their posts on your blog or mention them in your post. It helps them in noticing your gesture of supporting their blog.

  • Hit Them Up Now

You’ve spent some time warming up your prospects by commenting on their posts, following them and engaging with them on social networking sites.

Now they are being warmed up go right ahead and send an email or message on social media inquiring about a potential blogging gig.

Sending a message after you’ve built a meaningful relationship would make sense to them. This can lead to the client aquisition for your freelance blogging career.

In Short:

There are lots of strategies to make income from your blog; although not directly monetizing your blog, offering your freelance blogging services is one quick and profitable way.

While having a socially-driven blog with quality posts and loyal followers can help prospects find you, most probably you’ll need to put yourself out there and go and find them.

By taking a look at job boards, optimizing your presence on social networking and working on building those key relationships, you won’t have any problem finding the ideal blogging gig for you.

Do you have any other effective tip on pitching your freelance writing clients? Feel free to share your tip in the comments section below.

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